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Date/time out of sync with pi system time
Occasionally (maybe once a month or so) the date and time in pilight is far off from pi system time (e.g. year is 1922) . This (of course) causes devices to switch at the wrong time. Restarting pilight corrects the error.

Can it be that the sync with NTP-server is not working correct sometimes?

pilight version is 7.0.
One of those things i hope to solve with the rewrite.
Ok, I will wait for that.
I encountered this issue three times over the last few weeks. Before that, I have never seen it happen. Since my pilight setup is heavily relying on time based eventing, this is very anoying. Especially during periods when I am not at home.

@curlymo, you wrote that you hope to fix this issue in the rewrite and I understand quite well that you don't wish to spend much time on v7 anymore.

But it will take a while before the rewrite will be finished and imho this is a serious bug, making eventing unreliable and unattended operation insecure.

What strikes me is that once pilight's time goes crazy, it is never restored as long as the daemon keeps on running, but that after a pilight restart, pilight's time is immediately correct again. So pilight "knows" how to get the right time, but doesn't do that once time is wrong. Could it be that time correction fails if the difference has become too big for whatever reason?

For now I made a dirty "fix": an external script that periodically compares pilight's time with system time. If the difference is too big, the script restarts pilight. It also will tell me at what (system) time pilight's time went wrong. It hasn't happened yet, since I made the script, so now waiting...
Then start testing rewrite Smile
I guess I cannot test the rewrite with my config, because I'm using several of my own protocols, functions and actions.
I assume that I will have to adapt them to the rewrite version first. As yet I don't know how to do that, nor do I have much time for it.

I know I will have to do it at some point, but for now it is most important for me to have "my" pilight v7 running reliably. For me it is a "utility", not a software projectSmile
I'm currently running rewrite myself. There is one bug i'm chasing but in general it's running quite well.
It is not that I don't trust the rewrite as such, but I have 8 "home made" actions, functions and protocols that have to be adapted to the rewrite before I can test with my config.

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