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usb will reset gpio
Good evening,

i have a pilight setup with 3 nodes.
one of the pi's is also responsible for charging my phone.(with a powered usb hub)
since the pi can use 3A of power i am sure it isn't a power problem.

Since today there are also some relay's connected to this raspberry and everything works fine. however as soon as i connect a phone to the usb port the relay's all turn off.

in the GUI of pilight they are still turned on so i don't think it is a pilight issue.
i have a lot of custom scripts running on the rpi and now i am wondering if this is default or my fault.
is there someone with relay's connected to the pilight system able to test this?
just put a usb device in the rpi (if it is a phone make sure it is not in "charge only" mode. it should be recognized by OS)

Many thanks
I am relatively sure that it is a hardware issue.
Either the wires are too thin so you have a shift in voltage levels,
- or the moment you connect your phone you get spikes on both lines: +5V and GND
- and/or the power supply can not handle the inrush current of your phone.

Create a proper star grid for +5V and Ground and add capacitors (two or three tantalum 4.7µF along the main line wires and ceramic (100nF) close to individual circuit devices.
Ensure that the relais coils do not create spikes either (diode in parallel).

Thanks for the response.

I can confirm that this is a software thing.

i currently have a redundant power supply on my pi with a combined power of 3A
as soon as i stop the udev service everything works fine (only the os wil not notice there is a device added.)

I need this function to let pilight know we are sleeping (both phones are charging in the bedroom)

Is there someone who use udev rules with pilight?

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