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I'm experimenting with the REST API in combination with homebridge, which seems to work really well.

However there does not seem to be way to check the status of a device(if its on or off)

I would suggest something like

Where it will return 1 or 0 depending on if the device is on or off.

Where it will return on or off depending on if the device is on or off.

Where it will return open or closed depending if the device is on or off.

I added the on & off variables because some programs directly relay the restAPI information, and with would be strange if your device tells you: Your front door is On. (Looking at you homebridge)
I would be happy if you could request the status of a device simply by calling
and the response could contain the same like the config.json entry of the device, just with the current status values. This would allow to respond for all devices without and logic. The drawback is that the client would have to parse the response, but the advantage would be more than the disadvantage.

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