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Use existing wall switch with correct status in pilight?

First I'd have to say this is an awesome project. I'm still new but I hope to be able to move my setup off the lab and breadboard into production soon. Just using wall socket relays is working great. However I have not solved the issue of using existing wall switches to turn on existing light and also have the status get updated in pilight.

I saw this thread talking about AWMT-230 which I can't find a retailer of in Sweden. I can get hold of a clone of AWMT-003 (The Nexa WBT-912). However I saw disconcerning information about it in another forum. Has anyone here tried that transmitter?

Overall, my goals are:
  • Use existing wall switch
  • Get the correct status in pilight
  • No apparent delays (important)
  • Acceptable to require two toggles on wall switch (a problem the thread in the first link tried to solve at the cost of delays)

I'm thankful for all suggestions.

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