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"YK-1" remote control
Hi folks,

I call a very old remote control switch set my own and a RasPi2 for a while.
pilight seem to be the software solution I would use to make kind of cheap burglar protection for my home. Unfortunately pilight does'nt work with my receivers. I even get no output from 'pilight-receive' when pushing buttons of remote with very short distance.

So checking the receiver module using 'pilight-raw' shows a lot more data to come in when remote button is pressed.
I even tested my hardware setup using this little piece of software: https://github.com/ninjablocks/433Utils/.
using RFSniffer from that one reveals every code of the remote controls botton in decimal manner:
|        On          Off
Btn 1   70912       12653824
Btn 2   333056      12915968
Btn 3   1119488     13702400
Btn 4   1316096     13899008
Now I needed to modify the code a bit, pulse length needed to be changed from 350 msec to 320msec. After that the program 'codesend' of the RPi_Utils are working well using these decimal codes.

So here's my question: Utilize this information will it be possible to integrate that set of remote controlled switched? If yes, how? If now which further information is needed? ('sudo pilight-debug' does not output anything after "push CTRL-C to stop"-information.)

Some information labeled on the remote control:
Type YK-1
CE 0682 (!)
Produktion Kode: E001
Battery 9V

and inside:

Some information labeled on the remote switch:
CE 0682 (!) Well-light
Type YK-1
230 V AC 50Hz
Max 200W 10A
Funkfrequenz: 433 MHZ
S/N.: 040701

You'll find a picture of the remote control switch set attached.

Thanks in advance!

kind regards

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