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no gui updates and not all protocols recognized
Hey there,
I am a relatively new user of pilight and want to use it to control radio power switches and read sensor data (temperature/humidity). I am planning to integrate it in OpenHAB, but that's another story and seems to work for now as far as I've tested.
I had a cheap receiver/sender combo (XY-MK-5V/FS1000A), where the receiver has a range of some centimeters and the sender range was ok. These are running on on a RPi 1 B.
So, to improve things, I ordered the pilight GPIO Full kit, put sender, receiver and the ATTiny on a breadboard, wired everything (but without the optional purple cables, so just pins 2, 3 and 4 of the ATTiny and one resistor) and used the same configuration on a second device, this time a RPi 2 B. They a running as standalone devices, as I wanted to replace the first with te second.
I am using a manually compiled version of pilight 7, as I needed the freetec protocol from the forum post (https://forum.pilight.org/Thread-Freetec...7#pid16307).
I put some simple 17.2 cm wire antennas on both kit components until I have better antennas.
So far, so good. Now for the strange things:
Sending on/off to the power switches works with a better range than before. But receiving signals is a but weird. I cannot see aynthing from the power switch remote-control in pilight-receive on the new device. On the old one. I see several commands for each button press. And for the temperature/humidity sensors, I see received messages on the second device, but no log messages in pilight.log and no updates in the web gui.
An example message looks like this:

        "message": {
                "id": 197,
                "temperature": 21.3,
                "humidity": 47.0,
                "battery": 1,
                "channel": 1
        "origin": "receiver",
        "protocol": "freetec",
        "uuid": "0000-b8-27-eb-96a0c8",
        "repeats": 2

and my config snippet like this:

"Freetec1": {
                        "protocol": [ "freetec" ],
                        "id": [{
                                "id": 197,
                                "channel": 1
                        "temperature": 20.4,
                        "humidity": 46.0,
                        "battery": 1,
                        "channel": 1

But, as I said, the value never updates. What's wrong there, any idea?

Thanks a lot!
There seem to be 2 issues:

- Not all protocols recognized:
-- ensure that reception range is satisfactory and stable
-- ensure that protocols are included in kernel

- No GUI updates
-- The GUI Webserver reads the data from the local config.json file
--- in case of multiple PI running in an AD-Hoc network, ensure that your browser uses the correct machine

For both cases use pilight-daemon -D to obtain more information on data reception, the information should be sufficient to isolate the problem and find a solution, if you want to limit the information displayed to lines with specific strings, use the following syntax:
-> pilight-daemon -D 2>&1 >/dev/null | grep string
if you want to see 3 lines before and after use:
-> pilight-daemon -D 2>&1 >/dev/null | grep string -A 3 -B 3

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