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[solved] can't get GUI configured, error "...config gui element #1 "xyz", device not
can't get GUI configured, get always error "...config gui element #1 "xyz", device not configured

this is my config.json for my weather device
"device": {
        "wetter1": {
                "protocol": [ "alecto_wsd17" ],
                "id": [{
                        "id": 4095
                "temperature": 409.5
        "rules": {},
"gui": {
        "wetter1": {
                "name": "Weather Station",
                "group": [ "Outside" ],
                "media": [ "all" ]
Do you have an idea why i do get that error?
[Feb 19 22:40:44:974946] pilight-daemon: ERROR: config gui element #1 "wetter1", device not configured

thanks in advanced for your help.
Can you use code tags to format your post please? Otherwise it's really difficult to find problems with your config. Thanks Smile
The [ ] and the {} brackets for the id do not embrace the term correctly.

(neither do the code tags of your post)

send from tapatalk
-- edit: is correct now
Thanks for your help, but i really don't get it what do you mean with the brackets. i have used the same syntax, which i have found here -
No, you didn't.
The underlying problem is the missing understanding of the json syntax. The brackets i have mentioned arount the id parameter are not set correctly.
If you can't find it yourself there is a website to diagnose problems with json configuration syntax called jsonlint.com, hosting the jsonlint validator. Copy your config and let it validate your file.

send from tapatalk
I think your problem is that you have "device" instead of "devices" in your config.
you are right, it has to be devices, and

you are right as well, the wiki is not correct, it should state "devices" as well.
Hello guys,

thanks for helping. Indeed, after using "devices" its working fine.
Really appreciate all your help.

Best regards,

"devices": {
        "wetter1": {

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