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Questions before destryoing hardware

Would like to install my pilight sender and receiver.
I have found a tiny instructions for connecting sender and receiver to my raspberry pi 2 B, but I am afraid of destroying my hardware:

Data -> Pin11
VOD -> Pin1
GND -> Pin6

Data -> Pin12
GND -> Pin6
DER (?) -> Pin2

Do I have to connect them with the Pins directly?
And, the receiver has 6 Pins, do not really know where to connect the other 3 pins.

Little help would be great, was not able to find a tutorial for newbies.
Yes, you can use jumper wires to connect the pins on the TX/RX boards with the pins on the RPi directly. If you ordered your hardware from the pilight shop, the instructions that come with it are correct. You can double-check the location and function of the pins here: http://www.wiringx.org.

There is more information on the pilight wiki: https://wiki.pilight.org/doku.php/electronics
At the moment I am trying to put the stuff together... Sender, receiver an the ATTiny85 are soldered on a bread board.

There is one question, as a newbie I can not find the answer: I connected the Receiver Data Port ro the ATTiny85. But, I don't know where to connect the wire pilight. Do I have to connect the ATTiny pilight port to the sender data pin?
Have a look at this schematic:
It works the same for the ATTiny85.

The "pilight IN" connection connects to the pilight receiver pin.
You can configure which GPIO pin pilight should find the receiver connected to in config.json - see the manual for details on this setting. Use the table on http://wiringx.org that corresponds with your hardware to find which number you need to put in config.json
You can use any free GPIO pin on the Raspberry Pi for the receiver.
But, I already connected the receiver data pin to the attiny85 to the blue 433mhz receiver data pin. So, I can not connect the pilight attiny pin to the receiver data port pin, too.
Here is the forum topic with a big picture: https://forum.pilight.org/Thread-Band-pa...97#pid9897

In first step, connect the receiver directly to the GPIO pilight pin. Keep this pin in mind.
Then, when this works, disconnect the data wire from GPIO and connect this wire to attiny. Next, connect the attiny's output to the GPIO to the pin you still keep in mind. As result you should have your receiver's data pin connected to the attiny instead of RasPi and the attiny itself to pilight input.

another question regarding the Voltage levels:
The receiver is supplied with 5VDC, while AFAIK the RPI GPIOs are only 3.3V compatible.

Is it still possible to connect the receiver directly without using a series resistor or Voltage divider?
The Raspberry also supplies 5V. Look here: https://www.element14.com/community/serv...2/GPIO.png
(03-10-2016, 12:58 PM)MorfelPi Wrote: Is it still possible to connect the receiver directly without using a series resistor or Voltage divider?
I recommend to you, not to do it and to implement the proven design.
Two more questions, please:
I connected ATTiny Pin SCK to GPIO (SCLK) on RPi. Is this right?
And, I don't know where to connect ATTiny Pin RESET (24) to.

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