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pilight-receive: NOTICE: no pilight ssdp connection found

ma configuration: Raspberry Pi B, Rasbian Jessie, pilight V7.0, WLAN

After installation of pilight pilight-receive worked for a short period, now I get the message NOTICE: no pilight ssdp connection found.

I already tried th following:

- config.json has the entry: "standalone": 1 (and the entry is still there after rebooting)
- iptables -A INPUT -s -j ACCEPT done
- the deamon is running
- "iface lo inet loopback" in /etc/network/Interfaces

Any further ideas?
Standalone: 1 disables SSDP. If SSDP is disabled you do need to tell the pilight client (in your case pilight-receive) at which ip address the pilight main daemon is installed and to which port it is listening to.

Please read the FAQ and the pilight manual for more details.
started again from scratch ( re-installed everything) and left away standalone=1.
It is working now, but only if I do the following:
sudo service pilight stop
iptables -A INPUT -s -j ACCEPT
sudo service pilight start

... after every boot!
How can this be done automatically?
Hi, same issue here on V 7.0. After reboot I have to do the same procedure ;-( Any idea how to fix it? Thx JJ
(02-26-2016, 10:57 PM)wo_rasp Wrote: Please read the FAQ and the pilight manual for more details.

The link points to a section in the FAQ that answers this.
The funny thing is. The entry is now there after reboot, but the "no pilight ssdp connection" is back too!? jjj
But it works fine after restarting the daemon
sudo service pilight restart
unfortunately not :-( Could it be, that the reason is a timeout, causing a wrong config.json? Sorry for stupid questions, but i`m a newbie in raspberry pi. Thank`s for your help!

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Yes, it can be a config.json issue, but i doubt that it is the case here, as those configuration issues are already discussed in great detail.
You can get it working by providing the parameters required by the client to connect to the daemon.
Most ssdp issues are system setup issue.

I am sure that you have read the rules posted here.
(What to do before you open a new thread, we encourage to avoid that the same questions are raised again).
The ssdp issue is discussed in multiple threads. What we discuss here is not a pilight issue, but a system setup issue, that was discussed before, check for example here.

If this does not help, posting jpg screenshots will only help if they provide new and detailed information.

New details, for example on the networking environment and what you have done so far, in particular details on the system setup and the environment are beneficial, otherwise we spend a lot of time on guessing. Enclose those details in code tags, avoid screenshots as far as possible and only use screenshots in case there is no other possibility.
I also had this problem (RasPi B, Raspbian 8 Jessie, pilight 7, freshly installed) and it looks like it is gone now with the following steps:

- with raspi-config, set "Wait for Network at Boot" to "Slow"
- in /etc/init.d/pilight, add a dependency for $network
# Required-Start: $network $remote_fs $syslog
# Required-Stop: $network $remote_fs $syslog
- shutdown -r now

In my case, pilight-receive did not work directly after boot, despite a running pilight-daemon. After service pilight stop/service pilight start it worked.

I once booted the daemon with -D, and I found the following message in /var/log/pilight.log (but not pilight.err):
ERROR: cannot bind to the ssdp multicast network

I concluded that either the RasPi is too slow to initialize the network or my router is too slow to fulfil the DHCP request.


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