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[Solved] Time Stamp Information
pilight-development was sending the timestamp information via the web interface. I have used this information in the past to analyse connection problems. This information is currently not available. Can it be re-added ? In addition it would be beneficial if this information is made available in order to diagnose the actuality of the information displayed and to detect outdated information.


That information is still there, but you need to add ?internal behind the url:
Didn't you need to do that before?
(03-05-2016, 01:19 PM)curlymo Wrote: Didn't you need to do that before?
No, IIRC the timestamp was always shown in pilight-receive.
wo_rasp was talking about the config from the web right? Will look into the received codes.
Okay, Thanks - does work.
No, just x.x.x.x:5001/values was sufficiant.
In the meantime i have added a set of rules, monitoring the incoming events and updating labels on the GUI.
I checked. The timestamp was not communicated in pilight-receive.

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