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Incompatibility in handling of rules:
No idea yet, however some summarized remarks to my tests last night (not starting pilight as daemon, but in debug mode, debuglevel 2).

On one of the tabs i monitor Temp/Humidity/Batt status from 5 tfa devices and i am using the generic label protocol, in combination with the rule engine, to report at which time tfa data was received last. The quality of the RF data link between tfa device and pilight is reliable, therefore missing updates must have another reason.

1. When I started the pilight daemon it all started with pilight crashing and outputting stacktrace data in an endless loop. Needed to kill the process.
2. During the next phase the pilight daemon locked up once Firefox tried to establish an http link, the first update of a generic label took place, but that was it. It was necessary to kill the pilight daemon, CTRL+C was not sufficiant.
3. Cyclic tfa data updates were unreliable and that fact immediately caught my attention, at the same time the web gui was not updated any more the pilight-daemon stopped logging data as well.
4. During the next phase it was possible to get pilight-daemon back to logging data, by pressing one of the buttons for a switch device on the GUI
5. The more often pilight was stopped and started, stability and reliability of data updates improved, upto the current situation that pilight is now running for 20 hours (as a service) ...

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