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Incompatibility in handling of rules:
Sure. I am currently testing rewrite in my home environment on my Pi-2.

I noticed this morning that some of the device states for generic devices have changed over night.
I use those generic devices to create logical conditions using rules, and only the web interface is used to change the state of those generic devices.
(e.q. if the generic device state IS on, there is a rule switching a real device on or off, if that generic device state IS off, i do not change the state of my real device).
In short, that state should only change whenever i change its state via the webgui, but it magically changes over night, so i assume it gets overwritten somehow (no computer with a web interface was turned on over night ).
This is in sync with two other monitorings,
- i get an e-mail confirmation that a (sunset based condition) rule was activated, and as a result another rule has to switch my devices on, but in reality they are not

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