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Incompatibility in handling of rules:

Please find my config.json attached.
I have replaced ip addresses and mail/account names.

I have monitored that occurance only once.
But with that configuration file, i hope that you will be able to recreate some of the other issues.

Hardware/OS Software:
Linux pi_65 4.1.19-v7+ #851 SMP Sat Mar 5
jessie lite distribution of raspbian (clean install without wheezy history) on a 16GB SD card and filesystem expanded
camera disabled, no overclocking, spi, i2c enabled

Mandatory changes you do need to do to config.json:
Line 31:
You need to replace the ip address in this line with a valid ip address in order to match it with an existing device.
There are rules checking this ip address.

Line 225, 229, 233, 237, 430:
For some events i do want to get an e-mail notification.
Thus you do need to replace the dummy mail address "dummy_mail@dummymail.dummy" with a valid email address.
There are rules using sendmail to create the e-mails.

Line 431 to 434:
You do need to specify your valid smtp configuration.

Line 438:
I am not using a standard GPIO pin for Sender (Once upon a time, I had 3.3V connected to GPIO 0 and I changed that pin to an output line .... took the output driver to no no land :-(

Changes required for real devices:
tfa devices - Line 92 to 141:
This is the configuration for 5 tfa (Dostman 32.3200) devices, monitoring temperature and humidity. If you have those, you do need to match id's and channels with your devices.
Line 289, 293, 297, 301, 305 need to be changed as well.
I consider those devices to be important, as they generate a pretty decent base load, it should be noted that i pick up some tfa data from my neighbours as well. With the most recent tfa protocol changes, it is for the first time that i am monitoring useful battery indications, before the device turns blank.

quigg_gt7000 devices - Line 182 ff:
Starting from Line 182 there are 4 quigg_gt7000 switches defined.
If you have those, you can change the id and the unit to match them with real ones. There are no further dependencies. I do not recommend to change the device protocol, as that will have an impact on GPIO timing.

Cosmetic changes:
Line 6, 7, 21, 22:
Change longitude / latitude in order to match sunrise/sunset with your local environment.

I am monitoring different behaviour of of development vs. rewrite branch:

1. quigg_switches:
Currently I can monitor the following incorrect behaviour:
When i activate/deactivate the GUI switch "LampenZeitschaltUhr" (Line 325):
- branch rewrite: none of the physical switches are acting
- branch development: all physical switches are acting as expected.

On both branches:
The quigg protocol itself is working.
The status of the quigg switches is visualized with the elements at Line 350
The switches will properly turn ON/OFF when i press the buttons associated with the gui elements (Line 350, 355, 360, 365).

Behaviour is different between both branches when i use rules:
Based on the datetime and the sunriseset protocol, I have written some rules that change the state of the generic switch LampenZeitschaltUhr (Line 57). I visualize the results with the GUI element LampenZeitschaltuhr (Line 325), in addition i create an e-mail for remote status monitoring and logging. (The e-mail link a backup method, independant of the VPN tunnel to remote sites, as it requires internet access only). This all seems to work.

Whenever LampenZeitschaltUhr changes its state, i do not want that all quigg switches change their state as well, but only those for which the state of the "associated trigger_switches" is set to ON, Those switches are defined in Line 67 to 85, the corresponding rules are in line 256 to 284, and the GUI elements to change/visualize the state of the "associated trigger_switches" are in line 330 to 345.

This part is not working reliably:
- The state of "associated trigger" is not always obeyed
- The physical switch is not acting in accordance with the change of the state "LampenZeitschaltUhr".

.txt   config.json.txt (Size: 19.14 KB / Downloads: 5)

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