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Ideas for replacement of datetime protocol
Additionally if you completely replace the datetime protocol there has to be an alternative for timed triggers like for sunrise and sunset. I'm thinking of something like a function CURRENT_TIME(<format>) that you could use for example
IF weather.sunrise == CURRENT_TIME(hh.mm) THEN ...

then the inconvenient time conversion could be removed which is currently required.

And then maybe if the time triggers and monitors are reworked you could consider the time evaluation based on the interval used in the rule. I forgot once to set the validation for the second and then pilight tried to send mails every second ;-)
So what I mean is that you could scan the rule for CURRENT_TIME and if there no second is mentioned you could verify only each minute...

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RE: Ideas for replacement of datetime protocol - by Tobias - 03-12-2016, 02:03 PM

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