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Raspberry Freeze when starting pilight

i use a Raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian 7 and a 2,5A powersupply.
I install pilight without any Problem, but when i start the service it shows: [ok] Starting : pilight and go back to the prompt and then its freeze and the networkconnection is interrupted. I used a default config.json without any device as well as my working config.json from my other Raspberry Pi B Model without success.
I attempts some other Linux distrubitions and powersupplys but its all the same, after starting pilight the Raspberry freeze and do nothing. Did you ever have the same problem?

I use pilight 7 with a Raspberry Pi Model B longe Time without any problem but my Raspberry Pi2 makes me despair.Confused

What do you see if you run this:
sudo service pilight stop
sudo pilight-daemon -D

This starts pilight in debug mode, which will give you a lot of information about what it's doing.
Hello pilino1234,
pilight-daemon -D was a great idea, i was astonished there was displayed the configuration file of the ongoing system. after I had turned the other system off its worked well with my Raspberry Pi2. Sometimes its so symple.Smile

Thank you very much!!!

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