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Triggering device at specific time or sunrise if sunrise is after
Hello all,
I'm trying to find a way to start a bash script after sunrise, but earliest at 7:30h in case of summer when sunrise is before this time. In the winter time the bash script will be started after sunrise, means as well after 7:30h.

To simplify it, here a code how it could look like in a bash script. For sure it will not work. It is only for better understanding.

if sunrice < $time
   then trigger device at $time
else trigger device at sunrise

How can I handle this by using a rule? I tried this, but AT is not supported.
"IF (sunstate.sunrise < (datetime.hour == 07 AND datetime.minute == 30 AND datetime.second == 00)) switch DEVICE script TO running AT (datetime.hour == 07 AND datetime.minute == 30 AND datetime.second == 00)",

"IF (sunstate.sunrise > (datetime.hour == 07 AND datetime.minute == 30 AND datetime.second == 00)) switch DEVICE script TO running AT sunstate.sunrise",

Maybe something like this will work bedind a AFTER -> "time - sunrise = minutes to wait", but how to format the time? I'm lost in "formatation Wink"...
Nobody an idea?

I'm running version 7.0 (stable).
You could try something like this (the rule is valid, but I did not test it!)

"IF (sunstate.sunrise < 7.30  AND datetime.hour == 7 AND datetime.minute == 30 AND datetime.second == 0) OR (sunstate.sunrise >= 7.30  AND sunstate.sunrise == (datetime.hour + datetime.minute / 100) AND datetime.second == 0) THEN switch DEVICE script TO running"
Hey thanks you made my day!
Now when I see it, it seems to be simple Tongue.
I put your variant into the config.json and the GUI is reachable. That is a good step forward.


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