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Nagios Plugin
Hi all,

first of all let me thank you a lot for creating and maintaining pilight. I am currently running my whole flat powered by it and it is just awesome.

Since i do a lot of stuff with Nagios/Icinga i always wanted to monitor the climate in my flat using Nagios as well. So i wrote a Ngios/Icinga Plugin to check pilight sensors and provide output to Nagios/Icinga.
Even tough i am running a rather old version of pilight (v5.0 has all the fatures i want and upgrading is a pain with my setup) i wanted to make my plugin available for everyone.

You can download it at https://github.com/ww-bro/Nagios-Plugins...pilight.pl

It will check the climate or a named value from a sensor providing Textual and perfdata output which you can use in combination with PNP and also accepts Warning/Critical values.

Here is a sample output from CLI:
bro@hera:~$ /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_pilight.pl -H 10.XX.XX.XX -P 80 -d livingroomclimate -c climate -W 19:32,50 -C 17:35,60 -p
OK: Temperature = 23.44°C, Humidity = 42% | 'temperature'=23.44;19:32;17:35 'humidity'=42;50;60

During the next weeks i will upgrade my pilight setup and test it in the latest version, but feel free to test the plugin and provide feedback or pull-requests in the meantime.

Hope you enjoy it!




I have just upgraded my pilight setup to version 7.0 and successfully tested the plugin with it.

Also i made a screenshot to give you an idea about how i am using the plugin:
[Image: attachment.php?aid=715]

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