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Brennenstuhl/Brematic Gateway GWY433 for sending switching signals
I slipped over the GW433 sold for the Brennenstuhl/Brematic switches. There are similar devices around that seem to be the same (e.g. the Intertechno Lan Gateway ITGW-433). At least they all work with the "Stecker Pro" app (iOS/Android). The Gateway itself has a network port, a USB plug for the power supply and a removable antenna. The power consumption is about 0.7Watt and the thing looks really neat. (=>Woman acceptance factor) The range is comparable to the pilight sender with a 17cm antenna and is wall mountable.

[Image: anwendungen_150_dpi_1294100-sender.jpg]

The GWY433 has no Web-GUI and needs to be used with the Smartphone app. Analyzing the network traffic I found out, that the app pretty much sends the System-Code (as jumpered on the remote e.g. 1000) and the Unit-Code (as jumpered on the switches). This lead me to a PHP script that controls the Gateway via command line.

I see several advantages using this device:
  • No soldering/No cabeling
  • No need to do pilight-receive => straight forward
  • You can buy it for 55€ with 2 years of warranty
  • Really low power consumption (lower than using a second Raspi in adhoc mode)
  • You can easily replace the antenna with a bigger one
  • You can use it independently from pilight with a Smartphone
  • You can use it within a VM that has no option for attaching (USB) hardware to it

My script can be used like this:

php brennstuhl.php 00000 10000 on
php brennstuhl.php 00000 10000 off

With this way all my switches (Elro, Heitech, Brennenstuhl) can be used. I only have to read the jumper setting of the remote and the switch.

An easy to use pilight integration would be great!

I would highly appreciate this as well, I have one lying around here. Well, actually used with a legacy php site for switching. I'm available for test if there would be any support coming.
Can you share this script? I haven't been able to find it.
This has not much to do with protocol development.
(09-12-2017, 05:54 PM)curlymo Wrote: This has not much to do with protocol development.

I hoped it will find a way in pilight Smile

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