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New device which provides customizable buttons and start of own code
unfortunately my Jarolift window shutter controller are working with rolling code. Some other user ask in the past for it or for something similar:
similar to Jarolift

Due to the difficulty of the rolling code I decide to solder cable to all related controller buttons of my main sender and connected it to a relays board. To control the board I wrote a bash script. Currently I'm using the "program" device to start the bash script with the possible options. It works but it is not very elegant.
I would prefer a device with provides one, two or three buttons (depending of the config) which can be labelled free (up, down, stop, start, stop, run....). Each button starts exactly one script or an command.

Here an example how it could look like.
"devices": {
   "windowShutter": {
      "protocol": [ "generic_button" ],
      "id": [{
         "name": "windowsFirstFloor"
      "button1": [{
         "name": "up",
         "command": "sh blabla.sh up",
      "button2": [{
         "name": "stop",
         "command": "sh blabla.sh stop",
      "button3": [{
         "name": "down",
         "command": "sh blabla.sh down",

"gui": {
   "jalousieSchlafDown": {
      "name": "1st floor window shutter",
      "group": [ "shutter" ],
      "media": [ "all" ],
      "readonly": 0,
      "confirm": 1

Is there a chance to get something like this?

is there really nobody (except me) searching for something like this? Unsure
Probably there are, but time is the problem Smile
Sure, have the same problem. But maybe I am able to do it by my own during my vacation. Long time ago as I was coding. Currently I'm more a scripter "only".
If so it can be inplemented officially?

The buttons are all Javascript.
send from tapatalk
Hello and thanks pilight-team

I have a very similar problem like "OrTiN".
A "device" with push-button.
For the roller shutter control a "device" that can trigger a "rule" on every pass.
A "device" that is on when I press a button and off again when I release the button
I have, from Conrad, roller shutter radio switches.
These are controlled by two different signals.
1. A signal drives up the roller shutter or stops the roller shutter when it is just going down.
2. A signal drives down the roller shutter or stops the roller shutter when it is just driving up.
If the roller shutter goes down and I want to stop that signal 1 must be sent. If now the roller shutter is to be driven up again the Siegnal 1 must be sent again.
This is unfortunately not possible with any device. Therefore I wish a device with two push-buttons. If possible, the amount of push buttons could be freely configurable.
Now I use two "generic_switch" to control a roller shutter. One for up and one for down. So I can send a signal once or send it twice in a row. see attachment.

.txt   roller-shutter-gui.txt (Size: 258 bytes / Downloads: 3)

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