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AdHoc network with 2 Raspberry and 2 GPIO transmitter not working
I found this rather old thread by accident, looking for something else.

This feature will be implemented in the rewrite version, but for those interested, it can easily be implemented in the development version too.

It can be done just by adding a check for devices with hwtype RF433 in both devices.c (line 446) and daemon.c (line 1106). Ofc you will have to rebuild pilight on both master and client.

That is what I did myself some time ago because my ad hoc network was useless because of interference and it is working like a charm. If you add the uuid of the client to a 433 device in your master config, only the client will send for that device. Without uuid or with the uuid of the master, only the master will send.

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RE: AdHoc network with 2 Raspberry and 2 GPIO transmitter not working - by Niek - 04-25-2017, 04:27 PM

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