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Rules make pilight freeze

I created a virtual switch called "Leduit" to set 3 dimmers to 0 (since it is sometimes difficult from a smartphone)

        "Leduit": {
            "rule": "IF Leduit.state IS on THEN switch DEVICE Leduit TO off AND dim DEVICE LEDSlaapRood AND LEDSlaapGroen AND LEDSlaapBlauw TO 0",
            "active": 1
When i do this the web interface stops working
- webinterface still react to clicks,
- clicks don't switch the real device
- processor and memory on the left top are shown "--"

So after this i changed the rule to the one bellow

        "Leduit": {
            "rule": "IF Leduit.state IS on THEN switch DEVICE Leduit TO off AND dim DEVICE LEDSlaapRood TO 0 AND dim DEVICE LEDSlaapGroen TO 0 AFTER 2 SECOND AND dim DEVICE LEDSlaapBlauw TO 0 AFTER 4 SECOND",
            "active": 1

The first dimmer (Rood) will go to 0 (but not enable the on/off switch)
the other 2 will not react at all
the 2 seconds is to give pilight the ability to run twice through all rules (to be sure)

Please advice

full config attached.

Attached Files
.txt   config.txt (Size: 32.47 KB / Downloads: 0)
Can you check if it works with the pilight rewrite code?
Hey curlymo,

Thank you for the response.

at the moment i don't have time to collect all sd-cards for a backup and re-install pilight.
the last time i tried the rewrite it cost me a day to restore everything to the working state.

I will install a non production pi soon and see if i can reproduce the error here.
when this is confirmed i can update this one to the rewrite code.

(Slightly offtopic)
You don't need to remove/install pilight to try the rewrite version, all you need to do is clone the rewrite branch, run "cmake ." followed by "make" (NOT "sudo make install"). This will create the pilight binaries in the same folder, and will not install them system-wide. You can also keep your testing configuration in this folder, and run pilight like this:
sudo ./pilight-daemon -D -C config.json

That way you don't have to mess with your working setup, and if something doesn't work, it won't affect your regular pilight setup in any way. It works very well for me Smile

Cool that is new information for me. The last time I formated and reinstalled the whole raspberry.
I will try this as soon as I have time to test.
Sorry for my response didn't know your requests was so easy to complete.
That's how i also regularly switch between various pilight versions.

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