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How to integrate sensors and actors on a non Rpi system?
a few Days ago I've replaced my homemade remote light-switching-solution with pilight.
I'm quite happy with this step.
Im running pilight on an atom box in my basement. What would be the way to add sensors and actors to the setup, since i can't use the gpio that the box doesn't has Smile

I'm fine to hook the sensors and actors (relays basically) to another arduino, write the code to read from these sensors and flip the relays.

it seems the program-protocol is the way to go to implement my actors, but how to i get my sensor-readings into pilight?

Thanks, schorsch
Have a look at the generic_weather device protocol, as well as the pilight API. You could write scripts that run on your external GPIO hardware and report the data from the sensors to pilight using the API and a generic_weather device.
The generic_weather API looks like it fit my needs, Thanks.

The program-protocol isn't exactly what i'll need, i could use it but maybe there is a better way.

As sayed, i like to flip some relays with an arduino and have their state shown like any other switch in pilight.

the program-protocol does actually more then is should for my usecase.
all i need is a start and a stop command. no checking for a given program.
i've hackt together a script that changes it's name, so its pilight-relay1-on or pilight-relay1-off so that the program-protocol can watch for a process called pilight-pelay1-on to display the state, but that feels wrong.

is there a protocol i'm missing that behavies like a generic remote switch but instead of sending via a transmitter is runs commands?

Thanks so long, schorsch
You could have a look at this Github repositry , especially the webswitch protocol for pilight. I created it to control my watering- and surveillance systems running outside my pilight environment.

N.B. You must have the current manually installed development version of pilight in order to be able to compile the protocol module.

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