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[fixed] bug fix for ds18b20.c rewrite branch
When one tries to use ds18b20 protocol with rewrite branch, the pilight-daemon crushes with segmentation fault. The reason is that there is an attempt to not yet initialized pointer to 'data' instead of 'node'. Below is simple patch against rewrite branch. I am not skilled with pull requests in github.

diff --git a/libs/pilight/protocols/GPIO/ds18b20.c b/libs/pilight/protocols/GPIO/ds18b20.c
index c9759c5..203ea96 100644
--- a/libs/pilight/protocols/GPIO/ds18b20.c
+++ b/libs/pilight/protocols/GPIO/ds18b20.c
@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ static void *addDevice(void *param) {

        json_find_number(jdevice, "temperature-offset", &node->temp_offset);

-       data->interval = interval;
+       node->interval = interval;

        node->next = data;
        data = node;

Can some one tell me: should one work bug fixes for 'rewrite' or 'development'? Which one gets a higher priority? I myself more interested in 'rewrite' since there is support for banana pi m2 platform. But may be I should hold my horses.
Some features are added to development and then copied to rewrite (such as new protocols). Totally new features also only added to rewrite such as support for new platforms.

Thanks for reporting though!

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