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BUG: BMP180 in AdHoc Network
I´m expiriencing some issues with my BMP180.

"devices": {
                "1bmp180": {
                        "uuid": "0000-b8-27-eb-ad13ba",
                        "protocol": [ "bmp180" ],
                        "id": [{
                                "id": "0x77"
                        "temperature": 227.1,
                        "pressure": 888.8,
                        "oversampling": 1

If I leave my config this way, my BMP180 shows 971,2 pressure in GUI the whole time, no matter what pressure is actual in the air. The uuid is my node A, and the BMP180 is soldered to node A.

If i remove the uuid parameter in config.json, node A shows realistic values for pressure, but my adhoc connected node B and C stop working due missing I2C device.

Any Ideas for this issue?

Thanks Alex
But temperature does work, i.e. is it only pressure that isn't working?

Is the uuid correct?
Good hint,

it seems, that the Problem only occurs with Parameter
"show-temperature": 0

If I delete this line, I get actual readings...

a few Minutes later, the reading Shows again random values (971,2 Pressure)
Is the random value always there after several readings? It can happen that you get a faulty value occasionally, but if you keep getting wrong values, your sensor might also be broken.
The Value is always there.

If I remove UUID Parameter, the Sensor works fins.

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