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Forum problems
I've experienced a number of issues with the forum over the last few days:

1. Post formatting is no longer shown in the posting box, so users can't easily apply code tags to their posts and whatever formatting else is wanted.

writing the tags manually still works though

2. Editing posts does not work any more, nothing happens when you click the edit button on a post.
Pasting the address to editpost.php manually still works though... Clicking the button at the bottom of a post no longer works however.

Edit (not quite related to forum):
3. Firefox is giving Insecure Connection errors when trying to access the manual at manual.pilight.org, it seems the certificate expired yesterday. Would be good to fix
I fixed some of the issues. Investigating the rest. I updated the MyBB version last week. That's what happened.
I restored a forum backup. Let's hope everything is fixed again.
Seems to be working again! Thanks Smile
@curlymo: thanks. It seems to work again!

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