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pilight-receive with intertechno ITZ-500 remote control
Hi everybody!

I just bought the remote control ITZ-500 from intertechno for my intertechno cmr-500 switches.
To my big surprise I didn't see any telegram of this remote control with pilight-receive, when I tried to find out the protocol. Although I see some telegrams of other devices.
But I can switch the emr-500 switches with pilight, because I tried it out with pilight-send (intertechno_old protocol). 
Can someone please tell me if I am doing something wrong?

The emr-500 switches are used for my roller shutters. Unfortunately I can't stop them in the web-gui, because they are shown as normal switches there. Is there a way to stop them by sending the same command twice with the gui? At the moment I just can open or close them until they reach the end-points.

Best regards,
the ITZ 500 Remote has an encoder wheel, right?
I have one CMR 500. I think the CMR 500 is not fully supported by pilight!
If you want to have this +/- toggles in the WebGui you have to take the Kaku_screen_old protokoll (same as intertechno_screen_old ??)
The problem is, for any reason kaku_screen_old does not work with CMR 500Confused
(There already is a Thread in this forum.)

So you have to take kaku_switch_old. And there are no single buttons in the WebGui Angry


1. Use the iPhone app (or android, but I dont know the name) "piLightControll". There you can start and stop your shutters without problems.

2. iPhone only: Use Homebridge for the Raspberry and create a pilight as a homekit device. And than a custom scene.

3. replace all CMR 500 with ITL-500. The funktion is the same, but this are newer switches. They are teachable and worked very nice with kaku_screen and kaku_switch. (but xxx_screen protokolls are not compatible with homebridge Unsure )

The issue is caused by the fact that as a standard:
- the GUI interface is currently not yet supporting a third STOP button,
- the required JSON object is not implemented in the corresponding screen protocol driver.
Thank you for your answers.

I will try the suggested workarounds.

I don't need a stop button in the web-gui. It would be enough to send the previously send command again. At the moment I can just toggle between on and off.

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