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first contact
this is my first post in this forum and i hope i make no mistakes Blush

i now work since one month with pilight 7, first with the nightly build and now with the stable version.
i have a lot of fun with this nice tool and many thanks for this software to the developer!
i notice some behaviours that maybe an error or an design feature and with this post i will put this info into the public. so maybe other people get a benefit from this info or someone shows me, which error i make! Angel

the pebble app for pilight7 do not work with the stable version. if i want to changes the state of a switch the error "could not toogle" appears. with the nightly build the pebble-app works.

if i use a generic_switch in a rule, then the rule does not "fire" if  the first parameter in a logical connection is a generic_switch.
IF Contact1.state IS on AND OptionReset.state IS on THEN switch DEVICE Contact1 TO off AFTER 10 SECOND
works, because first parameter is a "real" contact.
IF OptionReset.state IS on  AND Contact1.state IS on THEN switch DEVICE Contact1 TO off AFTER 10 SECOND
does not work.
Dear JoeC,

Welcome to the pilight forum.

pilight V7 "stable" was released in May 2015.
Since that release a lot functionality and bug fixes were added to pilight V7 and are available as the pilight V7 nightlies and/or on the development branch.

Main development for the upcoming pilight V8 release is separated from the V7 development branch.

Thus my recommendation is to use the nightlies, as you will not get a lot of responses for pilight V7 "stable" any more.
hello wo_rasp,
thx for your reply and explanation!
in the moment i will use piSchedule and this works only with the stable version of pilight or do you have a tip for me, how i can use it with the nightly build?
I am not an expert in piScheduler.

Please contact in this forum user gneandr - he is the wizard.

Can you help him or give him some more insight information ?
As said with the piSchedule documentations and forum, piSchedule is based on pilight v7 stable version and NOT following the nightly updates, sorry!
Main reason is this: there is a significant api change between stable and nightly. Also the new api maybe easier to handle, a change for it will be be made. From previous situations following pilight nightly updates it was necessary to make piSchedule changes every now and then, very time consuming for ...

piSchedule will update for pilight v8 as soon as there is a stable version available.
thx for that info. i am very happy with version it works fine.
the newer version will not run in my enviroment.
i hope that pilight will release soon...
Could you give some details about "your environment"? Which RPI version, which OS/version, pilight?, any further details? Do you have meaningful logs?
Would help to improve quality and stability.

Thanks in advance
my "automation" rasp is a raspberryPi 2 with the raspian jessy latest image available on the official website. i always check for updates every week and install the available  patches.
pilight version 7.0 stable is used / installed. like i mention before, i tested also on this rpi the nightly build, but i go back to 7.0, when i install piSchedule.

the newer version of piSchedule are installed, sometimes they run after update, but after a restart they do not start again.

if you support me, i can start a new try with!
must i delete the existing directories piSchedule73 and piSchedule75?
must i install it as root or as pi user?
which way i must install the new version? 
can i use the link in the piSchedule-News ?
i am willing to do it step by step and send you the information you needed via pm, maybe it runs after that try or we search for the problem ;-)

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