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KaKu YCT-102 remote unit and id
Dear all,

Because it took me a while to figure out the unit and id for my old KlikAanKlikUit remote YCT-102, I though I share the logic.

Normally one would learn the unit and id via the plight-receive command (which isn't really clear from the manual/wiki/FAQ if I may say so). But my receiver wasn't working (I should buy one from https://www.pilight.org/shop).

So on the back of the remote the little arrow can be turned to select a channel (i.e. a different channel than your neighbours) . If you put this to A then the top switch marked 1 corresponds to unit:0 id:0. So your switch should turn on with:
plight-send -p kaku_switch_old -i 0 -u 0 -t
(this is assuming the little slide switch at the bottom is all the way to the left at I)

Switch 2 is unit:1 switch 3 is unit:2 etc.
Switch 4 with sliding switch all the way to the right at V is unit:15

I didn't find out what unit code the Group switch was.

If you put arrow at B you use id:1. C is id:2 etc.

So bottomline is the unit is the switch number starting at 0 and the id is the channel where A is 0 Smile


Feel free to add this to the pilight wiki on the page for the kaku_switch_old protocol Smile
Hi pilino1234,

Thanks for your answer! I kind of missed the Protocols part on the Wiki somehow. This indeed contains lots of informations and the codes are already described here: https://wiki.pilight.org/doku.php/arctech_switch_old_v7_0#notes


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