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pilight not starting with edited config
Hey there!
Today i was experimenting with my pi and started to get the 433mhz sender and receiver running with our rc-switches. After getting everything to work using pilight i tried to get the switches into the webview. After entering only 1 device into the devices section and also the gui section pilight stopped starting. My current not working config is the following: LINK
After entering the sudo service pilight start command the bash just jump into a new line as it would when working. I can't get into the webview nor can i enter and send or receive commands. If i replace the new config with the default one which i had a backup from it's working as intended.
Am i missing anything? I am running the newest apt-get version on a newly installed raspberry pi2 osmc.

Thanks in advance for any kind of help,
It's not a good idea to post an 'image' of your json file! That makes it hard to check it and nearly impossible to use an syntax checker .. maybe you did that already? Result?
I can't find any. Uploaded the text if you want to check it yourself.
The syntax is ok.

By the way here you can find the JSON validator:

The device you inserted is not conform with the settings in the wiki.

You should read the WIKI specially THIS
and also the MANUAL and correct your settings
Terrarium:  RPi Model B Rev 2 / pilight 8.1.2 / stretch
Aquarium: RPi Model B Plus Rev 1.2 / pilight 8.0.6 / jessie
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Thank you sooo much! I knew i had systemcodes but i didn't find any info for specific settings on my own. I was on the supported devices page and even googled stuff like "pilight devices systemcode" but couldnt find the right answer.

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