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Reset of GPIO ports / Detection of mobile phone
Hello my English is not so good, i write in German:

kann mir jemand sagen wieso sich die GPIO Ports zurücksetzen wenn ich versuche über die Konsole einen einzelnen Status zu ändern ...

ich habe eine Cronjob der prüft ob mein Handy da ist, und anschließend trägt er den Status in pilight ein

/usr/local/bin/pilight-control -d Handy_Normen -s on

leider setzt er dabei alle anderen GPIOs wieder zurück auf ursprünglichen Wert (unabhängig davon was in pilight gerade die Schalterstellung darstellt !!)

hat einer eine Idee ?

Translated by google

can anyone tell me how to reset the GPIO ports when I try on the console to change a single state ...

I have a cron job that checks whether my phone is there, and then it transmits the status in a pilight

/ Usr / local / bin / pilight-control -d Handy_Normen -s on

unfortunately he relies all other GPIOs back to the original value (regardless of what is just the switch position in pilight !!)

has an idea?
The "Experiences&Questions" subforum is not the correct thread for this type of questions, i have moved your question to teh subforum "Core Program".

To detect the presence of an IP device, you can use the ping or arping protocol and use rules.
To change the status within pilight, you can use rules.

To get more information start with the WIKI.
On the first page you will find the link to the pilight manual.

In the pilight manual read the chapter for Eventing (also available in german).

In the WIKI, go to Protocols and read the details for the ping / arping protocol located in the network section.
You can use the ping protocol to check if your mobile phone's IP address responds and you can use rules to define further actions.

Please enter the term ping and use the search function of this sub-forum.
You will find more information from other users.

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