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Help to manage push button
I want to manage 3 push button with pilight gui and event.

[Image: TelisButtons.png]

Can You help to create the confing file to manage this 3 commands:
* Push button 1 (connected to GPIO - for example 1) --> UP
* Push button 2 (connected to GPIO - for example 2)--> STOP
* Push button 3 (connected to GPIO - for example 3)--> DOWN

And also:
* Every day at 21:00 the button I neet to automatically push button 1
You can do this with the gpio_switch protocol.
(09-13-2016, 06:28 AM)curlymo Wrote: You can do this with the gpio_switch protocol.
But I need a push button and not a toggle button.  Is it possible? 
I found (in another thread)  the possibility to simulate a push button with protocol "program" but how can I generate the event based on time?  For example every day at 9pm I activate the program
You can use a datetime device (using the datetime protocol) and a set of rules using Eventing. There are lots of examples on how to do this on the manual page about Eventing that I linked to, as well as throughout the forums.

If you want to implement a protocol for the Telis-1, i assume that you want to operate a somfy device.

Instead of using the branch development, please use the branch s_mfy on github.com/pilight/pilight.git.

Steps for compiling that branch are the same as with the development branch, just use s_mfy instead of development ....
An example for config.json is found in the wiki.
As a result you will get the 3 button interface of your Telis-1.

Please note that you will get the 3-button interface only for the protocol somfy_rts, but it is a minor issue to remove this restriction, as it was introduced only to avoid user confusion with existing 2 button GUI interfaces.

To implement your rule for moving your shuuters up or down at a given time, it is best to use a pilight V7 release that supports the rule ISNOT, and than you can develop your own rules based on the examples below:

"RuleShutterRoom1_up_at_9_00_on_FR": {
            "rule": "IF (ShutterR1.state ISNOT up AND (time.weekday == 6)) AND (time.second == 0 AND time.minute == 00 AND time.hour == 9) THEN switch DEVICE ShutterR1 TO up",
            "active": 1
        "RuleShutterRoom1_down_at_21_30": {
            "rule": "IF ShutterR1.state ISNOT down AND (time.second == 0 AND time.minute == 30 AND time.hour == 21) THEN switch DEVICE ShutterR1 TO down",
            "active": 1
Please note that some somfy devices support two programmable positions using the MY button, those are supported, however the individual devices do require a lot of attention, as for example immediately after an UP or DOWN command, the MY button serves as a STOP command and not as a move to the favorite position.

The s_mfy branch is not supporting the ISNOT operator.
I propose to integrate the s_mfy branch into development and not the vice versa approach of issueing another pull request for ISNOT.

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