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Hello first of all thanks for this great project

I am using pilight for a while now, I bought a touch screen and build it in my wall.
This way I can click on the screen to get my lights on and off.

But I want to change the interface with a layout of my home and put a "on" and "off" button where my lights are 
Like this : [Image: domotica-installeren.jpg]

I tried to change something but I am not into these files.

I know how to build a basic website with html and php but these .js files I dont know

Can someone help me with a basic setup for something like this?

Nice idea, saw this also on a few sites and tried it a few times, but unfortunately due to lack of time did not proceed.

I personally like this one:


[Image: WkgAULo.png]

I retrieve the config file of pilight through php;

   body {
       background: lightblue }
   section {
       font-size: 50px;
       color: white;
       border-radius: 1em;
       padding: 1em;
       position: absolute;
       top: 50%;
       left: 50%;
       margin-right: -50%;
       transform: translate(-50%, -50%) }

// file_get_contents call instead
$str = file_get_contents('');
// decode JSON
$json = json_decode($str, true);

// get the data
$hoeklamp = $json['devices']['Hoeklamp']['state'];

// echo it
echo $hoeklamp;

and will then link to a page that will adjust itself (although i also want to build it into a wall).

[Image: thuis.png]

and hopefully i can add a on/off button to this, preffer a overlay like this :


and of course fix the colors to a little more flashy :-)

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