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temperature, humidity sensor from china?
Hi there,

i was wondering weather one of you bought some 433MHz temperature and humidity sensors someplace in china, e.g. aliexpress, which are supported by pilight?

Should be cheaper than buying here if one needs ~ 20 pcs Smile

Looking forward to your replies!
Please check the WIKI for tested devices.
You will find them under the Menu protocols.
Thanks for your reply.
Sadly this did not help me ^^

I was aware of that page, and did search aliexpress and alibaba for all of the devices listed, but as expected, it did not return any results.

As i did not expect these devices to be listed there, i though someone might have found a Chinese 433MHz temp. & hum. sensor which can be used with pilight?

I use this and it works fine.

Maybe a stupid question, but I couldn't find out the answer:

From how many 433 Mhz sensors can I receive data in parallel? (With one receiver)?


(11-27-2016, 10:53 PM)Jens_pence Wrote: Maybe a stupid question, but I couldn't find out the answer:

From how many 433 Mhz sensors can I receive data in parallel? (With one receiver)?


Well, there's a sane limit, but getting 10-15-20 or more of them working at the same time should be quite possible.
Note that the limitation with 433 MHz lies elsewhere than many people expect. Since 433 MHz communication does not create a "link" between a sender and a receiver like for example bluetooth would, all 433 MHz senders just broadcast their data into the air, hoping that a receiver will hear them.

So, as long as your temperature sensors don't all transmit their signals at the same time (i.e. there are a few seconds between each sent signal), there is no real limit as to how many devices your receiver can handle.

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