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kaku amst-606 limited range
hi all

I have a amst-606 kaku door contact. I got it working in pilight, but only when i'm behind my desk next to the pi. As soon as i move away from the desk, like 1 meter, the pi doesn't receive status changes or any signal what so ever from the door contact. Is there something i can do to better the range? My 433mhz receiver works pretty good i gues since i also receive signals from multiple weather stations of my surrounding neighbors.

So does anybody know if this is a amst-606 door contact issue or do i need to change some configuration?

I'm using pilight 7.0 on a raspberry pi 3 with 433mhz sender and receiver.

"Voordeur": {
                        "protocol": [ "kaku_contact" ],
                        "id": [{
                                "id": 15165748,
                                "unit": 9
                        "state": "closed"

please use code tags to format your post when asking for help - it makes it easier to read.

What type of receiver are you using? The pilight wiki has a page that lists several different products and some experiences from testing them. There is one very cheap type in particular which doesn't work very well.
The signals you are receiving from your neighbours weather stations could also be due to noise, especially if you aren't using a ATTiny filter in your setup. So, they might not actually be real devices, only random signals that resemble valid protocols created by electronic devices in close proximity to your receiver.
Sorry about not using the code tags. For some reason when i use the wysiwyg editor to post i get a empty post. So only if i use the 'view source' i can post messages (tried with firefox and chrome).

Back to the issue Smile The amst-606 is a kaku product with a 17 euro door sensor. I did check the wiki and it should be supported since pilight 7. Dindn't know about the ATTiny, so i will take a look at that now.

My receiver is:
433MHz RF receiver module specificaties:
– Product Model MX-05V
– Power: 5V
– quiescent current: 4MA
– Receiving frequency: 433.92MHZ
– Receiver sensitivity:-105DB
– Maten: 30 * 14 * 7mm
I actually meant this wiki page: https://wiki.pilight.org/doku.php/receivers. It lists several different types of receivers, as well as how well they work.
The MX-05V is known to be particularly bad, especially outside a very short range (< 1m already). Therefore, we recommend that you use a different receiver that is known to work better (the wiki page above lists several that work well, and the pilight shop sells the ones which we have found to work best).
Ok. Thanks for the info. Just bought the sender receiver kit from the shop. When i have it configured i will post the results.
Just received the sender receiver kit from the shop! A milion times better! Thanks! now i can use the door sensor at the front door and have the sender receiver in the livingroom.

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