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PHP class using pilight socket connection

I have spent some time writing a PHP class using the pilight socket connection, which allows a PHP (web) app residing anywhere on the LAN shared with the pilight machine to send control commands.
It is a first version with limited functionality and definitely not finished, nor am I a seasoned PHP developer. Just wanted to share this as I spent considerable time, and hopefully this can be a time saver for others.
Using this script assumes you have a properly running pilight daemon using a fixed control port (e.g. 5000).

$url - Needs to point to the IP or address of your pilight machine
$control_port - needs to be set to the control port on which your pilight daemon is listening.

Example of a calling function turning a switch on or set a dimmer level (off is easily modified)

function on($device)
    pilight:ConfusedetDevice($device); // Name of device as defined in config.json
    pilight:ConfusedetState(pilight::ON); // Can be either ON or OFF

    return pilight:ConfusedendControl();

function dim($device, $level = 10)
   pilight:ConfusedetDimLevel($level); // Provide numeric value to set dimlevel
   return pilight:ConfusedendControl();

Just my two bits,


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