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Arduino nano with CC1101 ?
maybe someone can help me.
currently i have this:
- raspberry pi with fhem and pilight
- an arduino nano with a CC1101 to recieve 433mhz signals without pilight
- and a simple 433mhz sender with pilight.

my problem is that i can't send with the arduino, because i need the raw protocoll from pilight and that is not supported.
and i recieve nothing with my simple 433mhz reciever.
and i will change my hardware to a normal server without gpio pins.

pilight has a firmware for an arduino nano, and my question is, can i use it with the CC1101 sender / reciever? it has a much better range than the simple ones.
you can find the circuit diagram between the nano and the CC1101 here

Can you link the sender and receiver?
here i find it on ebay:
The first step would be getting them to work on the Raspberry Pi directly. I never managed.
sad to hear that its not so easy as i hoped Crying

i found this about the cc1101 / rf1100se:

or maybe this can help

Source: https://sourceforge.net/p/culfw/code/HEAD/tree

this is the firmware projekt which i currently use.

when this doesn't help, maybe you can tell what i can do to help
Showing me a proof of concept of the thing functioning on a raspberry pi.

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