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Sending and receiving without problems.
hi all,

I have been looking for a way to send and receive RF433 signals for a long time. So i was excited when i stumpled over pilight. Just what I needed!

i have setup a rpi with a sender and receiver, loaded it with pilight.

I am able to send signals from one instans of shh to another like this:

sudo pilight-send -p nexa_switch -i 6 -u 1 -t

..and my reciver shows something like this:

       "origin": "sender",
        "protocol": "arctech_switch",
        "message": {
                "id": 6,
                "unit": 1,
                "state": "on"
        "repeat": 1,
        "uuid": "0000-00-c1-41-060a42"

I have loads of nexa receivers and senders in my home. Some use the old coding system (ABCDE, 1,2,3...etc) and some use the self learning system.

I have not been able to pick-up any signals from any of my senders at all. I have them right next to the receiver on the bread-board, but with out any thing registrering.

Am i doing anything wrong as i can receive signals when I send them from the same rpi but not when using an external sender?

I have searched the FAQ and the forum for a couple of days with out luck.

i hope somebody can send me in the right direction.

What senders and receivers?
hi there,

im using these two cheap ones:


i have also tried pilight-debug and pilight-raw with out luck.

thanks for your time.


on a side note, i also have these two here, but i need a pcb to mount them on (i think they are of a better quality):

i'll also get a filter and try that along with this receiver:
 and this transmitter:
Not an approved receiver. Either you have the knowledge and measurement equipment to tune the RF circuit, the digital output line, and the power supply line in accordance to your hardware environment or buy an approved one as discussed in the wiki.

When you send data you will get a message from pilight receive even without connecting a transmitter module. Check in the message the origin information it does report sender (pilight does not attempt to transmit and receive data simultaneously, thus it emulates this message, to monitor RF transmissions you do need a 2nd pi).

send from tapatalk
hi  wo_rasp,

thanks a lot for your reply. just what i needed. 

Indeed i don't have the measurement equipment to tune the circuit - I just wanted to check if the rx/tx I had was any use while i waited for better ones.

I read both the faq and the wiki without finding anything like what you describe. My bad.

ill setup a second pi and see what i can do.

again, thanks.

Quote:I read both the faq and the wiki without finding anything
Check the sidebar Wink https://wiki.pilight.org/doku.php/receivers

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