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Controlling device values using a script (updating temperature manually)

i have a Question, googled a lot already but couldnt find a solution for my use case.

I would like to controll device values (dht22 temperature/humidity) using a python script.

So updating it manually by a script which gets the values instead of pilight doing the stuff

My Situation:

Normally the dht22 sensor works fine however in combination with heavy cpu load (motion service webcam streaming) it doesnt give any results

I got it working now using the following tutorial:

However thats not supported by pilight for the protocol.

I can get temperature/humidity by the python script now but i would like to display the values in the pilight gui.
(I also have another server that uses the pilight api to get the temperature/humidty values and logs it into a database)

i tried to do
pilight-control -d temp3 -v temperature=15

however pilight-control needs "-s state" as argument
and there are no valid state arguments for the weather protocol, i think ?

Can anybody help me ?

i think a simple modification of https://github.com/pilight/pilight/blob/...ces.c#L472 could make it work, however i never programmed c before. If i get time i will inspect the source code a bit more.

pilight Version 7.0

Device Setting:
"temp3": {
"protocol": [ "dht22" ],
"id": [{
"gpio": 2
"temperature": 15.2,
"humidity": 27.6,
"poll-interval": 60
Try using pilight-send, it is a more versatile tool which should let you do this. Note that the ID of the sensor is very important in this case.

pilight-control is more suitable for devices like switches and dimmers, since you usually don't "control" the temperature value of your weather stations, but you do "control" the state of your switches.

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