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Searching for weather-sensors

Can anyone tell me a
- common used
- easy to buy (worldwide, e.g. Amazon)
- not too expensive
- temp./humi. sensor
that is supported by pilight without too much hacking.

I am using USB nano and struggle a bit with the hardware.
I like to build a small weather-station with a raspberry.

I bought 4 TFA sensors and none of them worked. So I am a bit disappointed.

Best regards,
Which version of the TFA sensors are you using ?
I tried the

TFA 30.3159.IT
TFA 30.3207
TFA 30.3180.IT
TFA 30.3125
We're using the LogiLink WS0002 sensors, which are compatible with the alecto_ws1700 protocol. They seem to be out of stock at amazon at the moment though: https://www.amazon.de/Logilink-WS0002-Ou...B00I2EPWWM
I am using a dozen tfa 30.3200.
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