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All remotes should switch via pilight

I am a new pilight user and thank you very much for this project, pilight is really a nice product!

I use pilight 7.0, v65534 on a Raspberry PI 3, a 433 MHz sender and -receiver.

I have some different ERLO switches with 3 different remotes, i. e. 1 remote with 2 switches for kitchen light, 1 remote with 4 switches in living room for evening light, etc.

I set up pilight and I am able to switch all devices via webGUI without any problems - it works great.

My problem: Since the RPI is located in the living room and when someone is using the "kitchen remote" for switch on the light in the kitchen, pilight does not get this signal and the state of this switch in pilight is not like the status of the light in the kitchen (ON/ OFF).

So, I changed the "DIP Switches" (is it english?) of each remotes to another systemcode and configured "virtual switches" in config.json. In fact of that, each remote doesn't switch the switches directly - just the virtual switches in pilight. I set up some rules like that:
"vitrinean": {
    "rule": "IF Switch10.state IS on THEN switch DEVICE Switch1 TO on",
    "active": 1
I included also this "virtual Switches" for testing reasons in the webGUI. When I use them, everthing is working fine, too. pilight is able to switch light in each room from the living room.

But when I switch these switches with any remote (remote --> pilight --> physical switches) it does not work. The switches in the webGUI changes, but the physical switches do not, like, when I use the GUI direct - sometimes they do, sometimes not.

I hope it is clear: I tried that, because I would like to have anytime the "real state" of my lights in pilight.

Any help are welcome.

Thank you, Laret
Add a delay before switching the real switch.
Thank you for the hint!

I updated my rule to:
"vitrinean": {
    "rule": "IF Switch10.state IS on THEN switch DEVICE Switch1 TO on AFTER 800 MILLISECOND",
    "active": 1
...and it works.

Best regards, Laret

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