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parts for pilight
Hi everyone,
I have a question.
Do plight need parts like schottky rectifier, IC, LNBP suppy and other electronic components. I know very little about it and it would be helpful to know if pilight needs them or not. If yes then i could recommend a very high quality supplier, win-source which is very good company and also want to know if anyone has experience dealing with that company.

Thanks for reading
Have a look at the pilight shop (https://www.pilight.org/shop/). There you can find any hardware to use pilight (apart from actual devices like switches and stuff). So no, pilight needs none of the parts you mentioned. You need a 433.92 Mhz sender, 433.92 MHz receiver, and some cables to get started with pilight.
Isn't this just spam?
I dunno, but it doesn't resemble the usual spam. It's more or less on topic (even posted in the correct sub-forum), and mentions pilight in the topic (and has a typo in the message – "plight"). I was thinking this too, but the user was logged in for 17, not the usual ~3, minutes, so either it's authentic or a new type of spam. But the message does seem a bit weird, recommending a provider of "high quality hardware" and then asking for experience in dealing with them... We'll see if there's a reply Smile

@rikeshe can you clarify your post/intent?
Basically i am trying to figure out if pilight products can be customized or not? I am trying to work with some hardwares and i am new to this thing.

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