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When do "Pull-Requests" show up (in Nightly or 'git clone')
Hi all,

I was wondering: there are quite some Pull-Requests on the development branch. I was under the impression that they would show-up somewhere in the Nightly Builds or when doing a "git clone" on the development branch .. but they don't! Wink

What am I missing or what do I do wrong?

Will all the "waiting" pull requests show up in pilight v8?
The PRs shown here https://github.com/pilight/pilight/pulls are proposed PRs that have not been merged into the development or nightly branches yet. They are open for discussion and improvement suggestions, and can still be edited by the contributor who created the PR.

For the changes from a PR to show up in the development or nightly builds, it first needs to be merged by curlymo (who is the maintainer of the pilight repository).
At https://github.com/pilight/pilight/pulls...s%3Amerged you can see all PRs that have been merged.

If you want to test a change from a PR that is not merged yet, you need to compile pilight manually with the PR applied as a patch.
So there is no "time line" for PR to be merged into the development or nightly branches.
I asket because some of the PullRequest that are pending are waiting for more than six months now ..
Version 8 is "in the air" for almost a year which make me think "is pilight still alive?".. Dont get me wrong, I do know this is open source with all the bennefits and pitfalls. I love pilight!
Just take a look again in the rewrite branch and you see that it is. Just not for the end-user perspective.

Also, why is this in protocol develop? Moved to core program.

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