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It is possible to use protocol values in rules, but you can't use protocol names as device names.

datetime.second is a protocol value where dt.second is a device value.

You can use protocol values in rules, but they will not work as a trigger. That is the reason that the daemon doesn't complain if you use datetime.second, but your rule will not be triggered.
Thx Niek! Works like a charm Wink
[Image: 2016-12-28_1435.png]

Changed "datetime" device name to "currentdatetime" as it was also changed in the protocol section. (no confusion possible Wink

@pilino1234 edited protocol section datetime, so I used that example to edit the examples page on the wiki. (dst was missing and ntp needs to be set on Settings)

"currentdatetime": {
    "protocol": [ "datetime" ],
    "id": [{
        "longitude": 1.2345,
        "latitude": 12.3456
    "year": 2015,
    "month": 1,
    "day": 27,
    "hour": 14,
    "minute": 37,
    "second": 8,
    "weekday": 3,
    "dst": 1

@creamers: quote != code

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