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2016 - End of year statistics
Happy new year and thanks for last years!

2016 was all about the big rewrite. The succes of pilight was also one of its biggest threats. pilight was always built to use as little footprint and resources as possible, while still keeping the highest modularity possible. That caused a quick growth in supported devices and hardware, but the way these modules were built had an negative impact on the small footprint. Keeping things bugfree was also a hassle with all the great community contributions.

The rewrite was meant to deal with all these issues. The goal was to use a threadpool, timerpool and make everything event based. At first this was done using own implementations, but the lack of experience with coding on different platforms made this a dead end. The first rewrite does however show what the plans are with the new pilight versions. It's even more modular and uses less resources.

The rewrite of the rewrite now deals with this by using libuv as the core eventing, timerpool, and threadpool so we don't have to do everything ourselves. CurlyMo has already done contributions to the libuv code (interrupt support) so not only pilight will benefit from this, but also the C and NodeJS communities (and therefor our competitors like pimatic Wink ).

pilight also started to incoorporate unit tests to make sure that future enhancements don't break the existing codebase. This was something we should have done ages ago, but it's better to do this good now than to keep things on the wrong pace. Too much time was already wasted on fixes things that previously worked, but somehow got broken in the meantime. The first results of this effort can be found on github.

Now the good news and the statistics. pilight is being used more and more as the core library for 433.92Mhz communication. Various other platforms like OpenHAB or Homebridge rely on pilight for 433.92Mhz devices. That shows what the quality of our implementation is and how easy it is to interface with.

Website (unique) visitors (average each month)
Main website: 4824 -> 13316
Forum: 5850 -> 10111
Wiki: 8499 -> 16053
Apt: 7951 -> 9993
Manual: 2180 -> 7050
Download: 66 -> 247

Part orders (march till december)
Filters: 42
Filter + RX/TX: 125
RX/TX: 232
USB Nano: 11
USB Nano + RX/TX: 37
PCB Only: 4
PCB Eights: 17
PCB Quarter: 5
PCB Half: 20
PCB Full: 77
PCB P1 Meter: 2
Total: 572

And again, thanks to those who donated!

Changed lines and files
This will follow later

If someone is curious to more statistics, please ask!

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