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Connect pilight to your hue bridge
I have wrote a little python program that connects your pilight instance with the hue bridge.


To control hue lights, groups, scenes and transitions configure generic devices in pilight as shown in the readme and create a hue user. Configure the hue bridge ip and user in the configuration file.

I don't have a multi pilight setup hence its not tested within multi instance environments.
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currently not supported: LED Driver
Thanks, it looks nice.

There is also a pending Pull Request (#216) for a c programm from our user @ma-ca using the REST-API, with some minor issues pending.

Based on the work of ma-ca, i have fixed the minor issues in my own pilight github branch. You will find all details for setting that version up in the WIKI, including the link to my github repository. I am keeping that special pilight development branch updated with the main development V7 branch on a regular base.

The protocol in its current version supports lights on, off, and dimming. It integrates into the pilight rules engine as well. IMHO opinion either one approach (e.q. using the philips hue bridge) this is the best method to integrate the philips hue environment into pilight.

To read more about this particular philips-hue implementation, the details and the issues, please read the following thread in this forum.

I agree with the opinion mentioned in the above thread, that it will be possible to use the ZIGBEE protocol for the lamps and devices instead. It basically means that pilight removes the need for the hue bridge.

However I assume that most users of hue devices also do own the philips bridge, and bypassing the philips bridge or integrating the philips bridge into an overall concept will require proper addressing of various setup issues and integration of all existing hue devices, most notably the HUE TAP and HUE SWITCH.

I do not think that more efforts will be spent into this version before the base pull request #216 is accepted.
Those PR's will be integrated in the new pilight version. Until then you can use the codebase from @wo-rasp.
I did not know that hue integration is already in a useable state (did not search for it at all). Great to hear Smile

The main purpose of the program was to learn more about python and fight boredom during holidays Wink
Anyway, one who wants to use the pilight version from the repository can use it to control the bridge via pilight.
arctech_old: ELRO AB660 Switches, AB440R Remote
kaku_old: Intertechno CMR-500 Switch, ITS-150 Remote
currently not supported: LED Driver
p.s NAW, will work too

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