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Temp in minus is wrong
Hi all,

i have a problem with my 433 Mhz temp sensor (protocoll: teknihall).
I get data's, in + they are correct but when we get minus outside the data's are incorrect.

As example we have now -5.0 °C on pilight WEB GUI i have ~97 Confused
I have no idea how can i change this.

Thanks for you help

Cheers Florian
Which pilight version are you using? There was an issue with signed/unsigned binary in the temperature decoding in the teknihall protocol which was fixed a month ago (commits 2f97e6a and 534aae2).

If you're using the latest stable version, you will need to install the developmental version (which is in fact rather stable too) which contains this fix.
Either, you can install the nightly version by following these instructions: https://manual.pilight.org/en/installation#pf1 and installing the nightly version in step #3. This is the recommended way.
Or you can compile pilight manually, step-by-step instructions on how to do that can be found here: https://manual.pilight.org/en/installation#pf3. In step #4 you need to replace "-b [branch] " with "-b development" to get the development code.
Of he should install a nightly.
thank you guys,

pilight v7.0 / filter firmware v58036

i try the nightly version and give you feedback.

i have to remove my current version ? can use my config.jaso in the nightly version or only the device, rule and GUI part ?
Mostly yes, although there may be small adjustments that you have to make. Just try it with
sudo pilight-daemon -D
, it will tell you if something (and what) is wrong.
GREAT ! it works.

many thanks guys.

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