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Oregon Protocol V3.0 Test-Users: Wanted
Been reading this thread. Would it help if I buy Oregon wgr-800 wind meter
To debug and test?

Apparently it uses the protocol 3.0 .
Or is that guaranteed not to work, or the other way around wil it probably work?

I wish there was an opensource weather kit with all hardware and protocols included.

Yes and no.

The problem is that oregon is using a protocol without Header and Footer. This needs to be emulated and is currently not implemented for V3.0 (only for V2.1).

Once this emulation is implemented, no further modifications are required, as the existing oregon protocol driver itself is already supporting WGR801 devices.
I am confused now.

You mean: yes it would help


No its not guaranteed to work?

Or something else?
Once the RF pulses are converted into binary data, the remaining logic for WGR800 is implemented (That is the YES part)

The current driver can not handle V3.0 protocols, due to:
- V2.1 transmits all data bits twice (inverted and not-inverted),
- V3.0 transmits them only once (not-inverted).

For final testing I do need raw data from real V3.0 devices for testing. Expect that development will take between 1 to 12 weeks (depending on time available). (That is the NO part)

With regard to testing of the Oregon V3.0 protocol, i am looking for a pilight user owning V3.0 compatible devices and who is willing to provide me with either raw pulsetrains for those devices or who is willing to test the relevant development version by recompiling the source code.

AFAIK devices using Procol V3.0 are:
All sensor devices shipping / compatible with the weatherstation WMR100
or working with the Oregon displays WMR200CA, WMR86CA like:
- THGR800, THGR810 - Temperatur / Humidity Sensor (with display)
- THGN800, THGN801 - Temperatur / Humidity Sensor (w/o display)
- PCR800 - Rain Gauge Sensor
- UVN800 - Ultra Violet Sensor
- WGR800- Wind Sensor

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