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Shop Description
Greetings folks and many thanks for having built such a nice project and community which I have stumbled upon rather accidentally on my trek towards a sustainable 433 MHz solution for my home automation with FHEM.

Now that I have read most of the articles, soldering instructions and tried searching the forum, I am still struggling to understand some of the options offered in your shop:

- Does the PCB Full package come pre-soldered (it does not say so in brackets)?
- PCB Half (pre-soldered) does not contain a sender / receiver. Yet somehow it is even more expensive than the full option. Why is that?
- I know CurlyMo has said somewhere that P1-port is not fully supported yet in software, but I am still wondering exactly what it is that P1-port is going to do? Also, can I somehow connect the PCB P1-Port module (pre-soldered) to say the full PCB option above?

Sorry, if those questions have already been answered elsewhere and I simply could not find them. In that case I do suggest though that you kindly complement your shop description accordingly.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

It has just been pointed out to me that I have violated some of the principles stipulated here: https://forum.pilight.org/Announcement-R...e-you-post

Dear Curlymo, I am sorry, I did read that article before posting as well as some others. Can you kindly point out what I did wrong, so I can avoid that mistake in the future? Was it because of my misunderstanding of the various shop options or did I post my question into the wrong section? Sorry, but I still do not quite understand all of the options and I thought to myself I might not be the only one.

Thank you.
1. No, only if you order the presoldered option.
2. Because the default full package is not presoldered and there is nothing to solder on the TX/RX. They are swappable without soldering.
3. P1 is used to read out smart energy meters. The full package contains everything the PCB has to offer.

What message did you get in regard to the forum rules?
I am sorry, it must have been a misunderstanding - it was your regular welcome message, but because it came from you (or so it seemed) and because it pointed me to the rules (which certainly makes sense if you do not take it personally Wink) I thought I made a mistake in my post. Angel

Forgive me my ignorance, but my understanding was that each increasing kit would include the parts of its predecessor, e.g. from Quarter to Half the difference would therefore be the pre-filter. Then I also thought, every PCB option came either as a DIY option or pre-soldered. That is why I wondered why the PCB Full option for € 40 did not explicitly say pre-soldered in brackets as is the case for all the other PCBs. I now understand that if you get a full PCB that would be a pre-soldered PCB Half + sender / receiver. The only thing I do not get is the (negative) price difference with the PCB Full option being 5 Euros cheaper than the pre-soldered PCB Half.

Many thanks!
The PCB-Full is not pre-soldered. The PCB-Half (PS) is. So the PCB-Full (PS) = € 57,50 (PCB-Half (PS) + TX/RX).

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