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pilight on RPi with latest Arch stopped working
Do you have the wiringx source installed?
Looks like your wiringx is too old. Can you try compiling wiringx from the rewrite branch at https://www.github.com/wiringx/wiringx/tree/rewrite? Instructions on compiling and generating a working dep or rpm package can be found in the wiringx readme.
Thanks for the solution direction, it was indeed due to wiringX issues. I did the following:
  • Removed wiringx-git
  • Removed all remaining wiringx files (the .so, .h)
  • recompiled wiringx
  • removed all files belonging to pilight
  • redownloaded the files from git
  • recompiled
Now it compiled fine.

The only issue that I now have to solve is that commends send via pilight-send are showing up in the daemon (started with -D). However the kaku-switches don't react. 
If I fail to get it working I may change my arch linux setup to Raspbian altogether.

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