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Problem with a Rule for a One Button Switch
Hi There,
first I want to Thank You for this great project and Help on this
Website. Sorry for my English...

Hope You can help me with my Problem.

I have a NoName Switch and the Switch switches on and off
with the same button.

The pilight-send command, I found out is:
pilight-send -p heitech -u 8 -s 8 -f to switch on and the same command to switch off.

Now I want to make a Rule so I can use this switch in the webgui.
I tried several things, but it will not work.

Do You have an idea?
Thanks very much!

Many Greetings from Germany
Since there is no GUI widget for single-fire buttons like you are describing, you could use a generic switch and a number of rules to keep track of the states:

GUI switch is a generic switch in your GUI
Device is the configuration for the actual device in pilight
Physical NoName device is the actual switch in your socket
  • GUI switch off, device on, physical NoName device off
  • Switch on in GUI -> device to off by a rule -> physical NoName device turns on
  • Switch device back to on by a second rule (so that it can send another command later), while GUI switch remains on to display the current state.
  • add rules to do the same in reverse on turning the GUI switch to off and flicking the device to off and back to on. This should switch the NoName device to off again, while preparing the configured device for another signal.
This assumes that a command like "pilight-send -p heitech -u 8 -s 8 -t" does not turn the device on.

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